Relay Format

  1. There will be 3 members in each team.
  2. Each member will run 3 laps, but not consecutively. Each team will clock a total of 9 laps.
  3. If any member is unable to run any lap, another member may take over to run the additional lap(s).  As this is a fun run, we do not make it compulsory that all laps must be completed.
  4. Bananas will used as a baton, to be carried throughout the relay by the team member who is running. The 1st runner for each team will collect 1 Banana just before the race commences. The banana baton(s) must be handed over to the next member within the Handover Zone before commencing the next lap.
  5. One Banana baton shall be carried during the 1st to the 6th lap. For the 7th to the 9th lap, the team has to carry an additional Banana baton (each member will carry 2 Banana batons). The first member to start the 7th lap for his/her team must be ready with the 2nd Banana baton (available at the handover point) prior to the commencement of the 7th lap.
  6. The Banana batons can be carried in any manner but it must be with the member at all times during the run, failing which, the team will be disqualified due to the Banana MIA(missing in action). 

Formation of Teams
Option 1 (Be randomly assigned to a Team)
  1. Please register as an Individual.
  2. We will assign you to a team of 3. 
  3. This arrangement is part of Banana Relay's aim of promoting friendship & bonding with others whom we may not know. 
  4. Should your team lack any members on event day, you will still be required to complete the required number of laps.
Option 2 (You have your own Team)
  1. Please register as a team of 3 members.