1. We highly value your safety.

2. Please ensure you are well-hydrated & well-rested prior to the event.  We recommend having 7-8 hours of continuous sleep the night before the event.

3. Please hydrate during & after the event to prevent heat-related disorders.  But do not overdrink as it might lead to health complications.  A good indicator is Drink ONLY When THIRSTY.

4. Medics/First Aiders will be on standby at the Start/Finish Area. Should you feel unwell at any point during the race, please stop & seek help from the nearest Marshal, who will then call for the Medics/First Aiders if necessary. Or inform a fellow participant to seek help from the nearest Marshal or any official/medic at the Main Event Site.

5. In an emergency, you may be evacuated to the nearest Hospital/Medical facility.

6. Your Emergency Contact Person will be informed in case of an emergency.

7. Please refrain from taking part if you are feeling unwell or if you are just recovering from any sickness/ill health recently as we will not be held responsible should any crisis/injuries occur to you as a result of your participation.

8. If any of the race officials are of the view you seem unwell or display symptoms that may be detrimental to your well-being, the organisers reserve the right to pull you out of the event without a refund of your registration fee.