Event Info

16 Dec 2017 Race Day Notes: CLICK HERE

By Kelly Lim, 2012

General Information 
Date: 2018 Saturday
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Kallang Riverside Park (at the end of Kampong Bugis road) 

Map: click HERE (google map) or HERE (streetdirectory)
Maximum Capacity: 100 Teams

Each team member shall run 3 laps, non-consecutively, in a relay format.

Each team shall complete a total of 9 laps.

1 Lap is approximately 2km.

Total distance will be 6km per person (2km*3 laps)
Total distance will be 18km per team (2km*9 laps)

*Note: Route & distance may be changed depending on circumstances.

Event Location & Route: 

How to Get There
  • Lavender MRT Station is the nearest station.
  • With reference to the above map, head to Crawford St and cross over the Link Bridge to get to the Event Site.  Click HERE to view the route from Lavender MRT Station
  • The event site is about 800 metres away from Lavender MRT Station.
  • Limited lots are available at the end of Kampong Bugis road, just outside the event site.
  • Parking charges apply.
Event Day Programme
6.30am – Collection of Bib at Main Event Site
7.15am – Briefing & Group Phototaking
am – Flag-Off 

10.00am – Food Reception commences

Collection of Medals & Event T-Shirts can be done at the Registration Counter after your team has completed your run

Maximum Number of Teams
  • We will accept a maximum of 100 teams, a total of 300 participants. 
Closing Date of Registration
  • To be confirmed
Upon Arrival on Event Day
  • Please report at the Registration counter between 6.30am to 7.15am. The Registration counter is located at the Main Event Site.
  • Register according to your Team Name or Individual Name (You do not need to print/present any confirmation slip)
  • If you are registered as a Team, collect your team's bib tag & a set of safety pins. 
  • If you are registered as an Individual, collect your own personal bib & a set of safety pins.  You will be put into a Team based on 1st come 1st served basis.  For example, the 1st 3 Individuals to arrive at the Registration counter will be put into 1 team.
Event Briefing
  • A briefing on the event & safety will be conducted at 7.15am at the Main Event Site. 
  • It is essential you attend this briefing so as to be aware of the process & safety issues.
Marshals/Directional Signages
  • If necessary, Marshals and/or Directional Signages will be deployed/put up to aid you in the right direction. 
Water Station
  • The Water Station is located at the Main Event Site & will be stocked with Banana, Watermelon, sports drink & mineral water. 
  • We are promoting the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) initiative as part of our effort to reduce wastage of cups used for hydration. You may support this initiative through one or both of the following ways:
  • *Bring 1 bottle, cup or container of your own. You may wish to make a marking on it to identify it as yours:
    • And/Or
  • *Carrying your own hydration bag/bottle & refilling it at the water station.
  • You may leave your bottle/cup/container at the Water Station located at the Main Event Site (subject to availability of space) or any location where you can retrieve the bottle conveniently.
  • To fill it up, simply bring your bottle/cup/container to the Water Station, inform the volunteer regarding the type of drink you wish to fill it up with & the volunteer will gladly assist you.
  • This is a fun event and we will not be capturing any timing.  You are most welcome to take your own team's timing.
  • Baggage Service is available on a complimentary basis.
  • Please provide your own bag & we highly recommend water-proofing your belongings as we have no control over the weather. 
  • Do refrain from placing valuables as we will not be held responsible for any loss and/or damage to your belongings.
  • For identification of your belonging, we will write your bib number on a piece of masking tape, which will be attached to your baggage. 
  • Please present your bib number to facilitate deposit & retrieval. 
Event Souvenir
  • A Finisher Medal & Event T-Shirt will be given to all participants.   You may collect it from the Registration Counter after your team has completed the run.
Waste Disposal
  • Please dispose all waste into the bins and/or trash bags and do not litter along the route or in the park.
By Brokenrunner, 2012
Food Reception
  • There will be food (individually packed) for all participants & volunteers after the conclusion of the Banana Relay. 
  • Do take the opportunity to get to know more friends and take photos with everyone. 
Wet Weather
  • In the event of severe wet weather with lightning before the start of the Banana Relay, the organiser reserves the right to delay the start by up to 30mins. If the severe weather persists after 30mins, the Banana Relay might be cancelled without a refund of your fees. 
  • If lightning occurs whilst in the midst of the Banana Relay, participants will be informed via marshals or other participants to proceed to the nearest shelter available. 
  • Once the weather is clear, Participants will be informed to continue with the Relay.  
  • However, if the weather does not become better, the Organiser will stop the Relay and the remainder of the program will be carried out.